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Asking for Online Reviews

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Asking customers for business reviews can be uncomfortable.  But when done correctly, it can not just bolster your business but create a lifetime fan.

The best way to ask, of course, is in person. A personal request can be incredibly effective, particularly if you know the client you’re asking well. In fact, studies have shown that asking in person can garner you more than eight times more reviews than asking via email.

So, first, decide which customers may be most likely to do you this favor, and go for it. 

Another strategy business owners use to incentivize online reviews is referred to as the “tip” trick. This is a growth that invites someone that has spent a lot of time with your business to leave a review, with a kicker, such as an extra 30 min. coaching session for free.   

This treat gives your clients the extra incentive but also enhances their overall experience with the company.

Finally, you can ask via email. This one can be a bit tricky because you’re not getting face time with the customer. But if you’re going to ask for reviews via email, be sure to pre-screen prior via an internal survey before following up with another email requesting the online review. It’s logic. You want to be careful and know that you’ve invited the best people possible to review your business. If it goes online, it never dies.

Marketing 101: test everything. Test the campaigns until you are getting an awesome conversion-to-review rate.

While asking for an online review may feel a bit awkward, remember, if you’re asking the right customers, they will more than likely be thrilled to rave about you online.


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