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Working with Disengaged Employees

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It can be hard to know just how to handle a disengaged employee. They can wreak havoc on a business, not just in lost ROI, but also morale. But there are a few things that leaders can do in an effort to engage someone who was once engaged but is no longer.

First, you must lead by example. It starts with that age-old adage, “Do as I say, not as I do.” Which never, ever works. People start to smell the hypocrisy from across the room. And this attitude can breed a great deal of ill will. Lead in a way that shows your team that you see yourself as a member, not an emperor lauding their jobs and constant direction and displeasure over them.

Second, be as transparent as possible. This will build trust which, over time, will increase engagement.

Third, create a culture of appreciation. You’re human. It can be easy to get stressed and bogged down. This can lead to overall neglect with employees. Be sure to appreciate an recognize their accomplishments regularly.

It goes a long way. Leaders often get busy with handling many challenging issues and neglecting to show appreciation and recognize accomplishments and efforts on an ongoing basis. Appreciation and recognition increase engagement and those two are correlated. A simple thank you goes a long, long way.

Finally, when possible, be flexible. The more accommodating
you can be in crucial times of need such as deaths and family emergencies, the
better. Understand when an employee has to take a child to a doctor or a school

Collectively, these strategies can turn a disengaged employee into someone who is engaged and loves coming to work every day.



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