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Selling A Brand By Using The Right Branding Statement

Brands have evolved to become both the identity of the product that you wish to sell and the essence of what your customers want to buy. A brand is not simply a product offering; in fact, it signifies quality, service, and reliability. A solid brand has a story to tell of its own, one that […]


Four Reasons to Use B2B Email Marketing

It’s easy to think that social media is the only way forward in 2018. Nearly every business, big and small, has some sort of footprint on Facebook, Snapchat, and/or Instagram. Certainly, your marketing strategy should incorporate at least one of these platforms. However, it should not be the o…

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Using Social Media to Your Advantage

Whether you like it or not, social media is here to stay. What once started with people looking to connect with old friends and meet potential dates has now grown to encompass every aspect of our daily lives. Nearly every business and outlet has its own hashtag, which connects people to a social med…

Market Analysis

Market Analysis: How Your Competitor is Getting Ahead

Market Analysis: How Your Competitor is Getting Ahead Every business has its competitors. And while market analysis isn’t necessarily a new practice, today’s key players are constantly hunting for ways to fine-tune their intel. The kicker is, instead of turning to who you’re compet…

Marketing Funnel

Harnessing the Marketing Funnel

Harnessing the Marketing Funnel Whether you’re a startup or have been doing business for years, everyone can harness the power of the marketing funnel. You’ve probably come across the term a time or two, but what does that mean for your brand? The marketing funnel, also known as the sales funnel…


Ratings: Five Actions You Can Take to Ensure You Are Rated Well

Ratings: Five Actions You Can Take to Ensure You Are Rated Well I was lucky enough to attend the British Excellence Forum with a group of clients at Celtic Manor a couple of weeks ago. There were some excellent speakers there covering many aspects of business. I decided that I would use one of thes…


6 Steps to Building a Successful Marketing Plan

I have worked with two clients this week, helping them to set their marketing plan for 2016. It occurred to me that we used the same six step process and so I thought I would share it in this blog. Step 1 – This is the step that, in my experience many businesses miss out […]


Free Advertising for Small Businesses Through Online Marketing

According to marketing experts, businesses spend somewhere between 2-5% of their gross sales just on advertising. Unfortunately, many small businesses which are still relatively new do not have that kind of revenue to invest in marketing in order to get the sales they want. However, they can benefit…


8 Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses

Are you having difficulty marketing your small business due to limited funds? Look no further. We are here to help you develop a concrete and effective marketing plan. Social Media Create a Facebook page or a Twitter account. This is perhaps the best way to sell your products as it is free and conve…