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2021: New Year. New Possibilities.

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As 2021 dawns business owners face challenges and obstacles that they have never faced before. To start the year with a new prospective it might be time to get a Business Health Check. This check up ensures your business is focusing on the most important opportunities. Just like personal resolutions, you may have some for your business. To be successful and stick to your resolutions you need to learn new habits.

While there are lots of tools and self-check options, this year, consider a more in-depth review of your business at every level. Getting assistance with a comprehensive business check-up is a smart move. But don’t go the with high priced consultants that will leave you with a laundry list of to-dos or opt for a quick fix that will not truly transform your business in the long-term.

Now is the best time to consider getting a business coach. A professional and certified business coach who has proven and tested strategies they can teach you and your team to actually make changes that will stick. But there are lots of ‘want-to-be’ business coaches so selecting the right coach is critical.

Look to the industry leader, ActionCOACH who created the business coaching industry more than 27 years ago. Today, ActonCOACH remains atop the business coaching industry with more coaches in more countries world-wide. ActionCOACH works with more than 18,000 businesses every week reach their goals of higher profitability. ActionCOACH business coaches offer simple, practical solutions to make your business finally work for you. They will help you build a stronger team, get you more free time, and ultimately make your business more successful.

The business health check that an ActionCOACH Business Coach will guide you through has 8 important steps.

  1. Improve net profit drivers
  2. Grow existing business
  3. Find new channels and business models
  4. Build a strong competitive advantage in the marketplace
  5. Create a robust marketing strategy
  6. Focus on key business drivers
  7. Identify demand
  8. Creating strong working capital reserves

Each of these steps have multiple action steps that your ActionCOACH business coach will help you understand, implement, and execute. As your business grows, you and your ActionCOACH will find new opportunities to continue to grow your business for the long-term.

After the chaotic year of 2020, 2021 requires new approaches and new actions. Now is the time to take control of your business in new more effective ways.

With ActionCOACH’s more than 3500 resources, any business can find success when they hire and work with one of our coaches. We have coaches in your area that can work with you on site or virtually. They have programs at every budget level and can create a comprehensive approach to grow your business.

Now is the time to get a business health check and set a new course to capture the opportunities in this new year. This new year means new possibilities if you choose to reach for them.

To find an ActionCOACH near you and get your first business coaching session for free, visit actioncoach.com.


Carmen Gigar is the Chief Marketing Officer for ActionCOACH Global.