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What is a Host Beneficiary?

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In a recent DRIVETime Video segment CEO and Founder of ActionCOACH Brad Sugars detailed a great lead generating strategy called Host Beneficiary. This unique lead generation approach partners your business with a business that has a like customer type. Consider a high-end clothing boutique and a luxury spa. Both share similar clientele and partnering together could open up a completely new customer base for each of them.

Establishing a relationship with a business that caters to the same type of customers you want, can generate tremendous synergy. Sponsoring ads on a businesses’ website, or providing linkable content in their newsletter or creating a special offer that is then distributed by the Host to their customer base gets your business in front of an audience that is likely to want to do business with your as well.

To learn more about the Host Beneficiary Strategy and other ways to improve your business’ lead generation contact an ActionCOACH Business Coach in your area. ActionCOACH is the largest and most successful business coaching franchise in the world and with more than 1,000 coaches world-wide you can find the perfect match for all your business needs.

Getting a business coaching doesn’t mean your business is broken. It means you want to stay ahead of your competition and get your business working for you. A certified ActionCOACH business coach can teach you the strategies and share tools and processes to help you build winning teams, get more quality time with your family and make you more money. ActionCOACH offers a free coaching session to get started. Contact us at actioncoach.com/free-coaching.

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Posted by Bradley J Sugars on Tuesday, October 13, 2020


Carmen Gigar is the Chief Marketing Officer for ActionCOACH Global.