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Deception Concept - Disguise Between Shark And Goldfish

Imposter Syndrome-You Have To Get Over It

Ah, Imposter Syndrome. It affects everyone at some point in their life. But unless you learn coping mechanisms to overcome this self-limiting belief you cannot be successful in business at all, let alone be an entrepreneur.   Never heard of Imposter Syndrome? Well, “imposters” suffer from chron…

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Tips for Elevating Your Brand-Hint, It’s Not Guerilla Marketing

Becoming a household name is a complicated process. But there are great strategies for elevating your brand.  We’ve created a few below. You may not become as well-known as Apple, but, hey, you might. 1. Freebies There is nothing like free stuff, and everybody loves it. Ideally, you can offer bra…

Sing. Men. Dance Club. White Shirt. Young People.

Team Building-It’s a Thing

Finding the right team-building exercise for your business can feel a bit daunting. How do you find ideas? Google? Maybe, but the sheer volume of ideas can set you into overwhelm mode. Well, we’re going to give you a few ideas to get you started because, as every business owner knows, team buildin…

Your Culture is Your Brand

Signs You Have Built A Great Company Culture

Creating a thriving company culture is a very subjective process. We could offer hacks and tips that may drive you in the right direction, but, at the end of the day, it has to be you, the business owner who creates that. It has to come from your heart and your mind. No hacks or […]

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Lessons in Navigating Dark Social

It sounds like something out of a horror movie-dark social. But the term “dark social” really just points to when people share content through private channels like email and messaging apps. It’s estimated that 84 percent of outbound sharing is done through dark social, which makes content sha…

Millennial business people walking in a London street, front view

Franchising for Millennials

Marketers, employers and franchise executives alike often find themselves confounded by Millennials. How does one create franchise opportunities that appeal to this new generation of franchise owners? Especially over the last five year, many franchise industry decision-makers have been questioning t…

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Using Content Marketing to Elevate Your Brand

Content marketing and social media are the kings of digital marketing these days. Used correctly, this pair can elevate your brand like nothing else. How? We’re so glad you asked. 1. Create a blog. This will honestly be one of your central hubs of operations. Many business owners tend to neglect t…

Motivational and inspirational quote.

Goal Setting-You’re Doing It Wrong

Setting goals is really a simple thing. It’s a wonder so many people seem to struggle with it. Still, there’s no doubt that maintaining motivation can often prove a bit tricky. We’ve created a guide to help you stay on the straight and narrow, one that will keep you motivated even when you fac…

Mission, Vision and Values Statements

How To Write A Mission Statement

Mission statements are a necessary part of running a corporation or even a small business. Because, if you don’t know what you stand for, how will anyone else?  A mission statement tells people what your business is about, your values, the products or services that it offers and the potential aud…

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Creating an Ideal Client Profile

Creating client profiles can save you both time and money when it comes to creating a sales strategy that actually works.  Ideally, this process should begin with research and client interviews from current and former clients. The final step of the process results in creating a fictional character …