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How To Write A Mission Statement

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Mission statements are a necessary part of running a corporation or even a small business. Because, if you don’t know what you stand for, how will anyone else? 

A mission statement tells people what your business is about, your values, the products or services that it offers and the potential audience demographic. A mission statement is essentially a vision statement. It includes where you see your company going.

But the mission statement isn’t just for potential customers. It can be a guiding lighthouse dedicated to ensuring that your business doesn’t get lost at sea, that your making sound decisions in-line with the company’s best interests. Those who choose not to create a mission statement often find themselves floundering, not sure how to plan for the future, especially as a small business owner. A mission statement provides clarity.

That being said, the exercise of creating said statement should not be fretted over. If you find yourself spending too much time on the project try getting a second opinion. Brainstorm with a business associate or friend. And, be careful not to make unrealistic promises that you cannot deliver on. There’s no point in creating a statement spun from pure fantasy.

So, how do you get started?

Do your homework. Read the mission statements of companies that you idolize and admire, especially those who are in your industry.  Be sure that you’re not copying what the competition has to say, but this exercise will give you a great sense of what works and what does not.

While crafting your mission statement, keep in mind that there are several audiences you want to target. Your customer, employees, and potential business investors. Each will want to learn something different about the business by reading the statement.

Above all, just remember that this is a process. It may take several sitting. You don’t have to commit to it right away. Remember, you can write your mission statement in pencil. You don’t have to commit right away. You can tweak until your satisfied with a final version. 


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