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Imposter Syndrome-You Have To Get Over It

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Ah, Imposter Syndrome. It affects everyone at some point in their life. But unless you learn coping mechanisms to overcome this self-limiting belief you cannot be successful in business at all, let alone be an entrepreneur.  

Never heard of Imposter Syndrome? Well, “imposters” suffer from chronic self-doubt and feelings of being a fraud even when they are experts in their industry.  They can’t seem to recognize their achievement or excellence. Researchers have said that the condition has nothing to do with self-confidence or with low self-esteem. Actually, it’s been linked to perfectionism.

Someone suffering from Imposter Syndrome may feel like they are frauds, waiting for the moment when the other shoe will drop and the world will find out that they are not worthy of their post, and that there is definitely somebody who could do their job better.

Here’s the thing, this would be damaging to anyone’s career. It’s a form of self-sabotage. But for a business owner, it equals death. Not literally, of course, but most definitely the death of your business.

So, what can you do to overcome Imposter Syndrome?

Rewire your mental programming. You won’t know everything all the time, and that’s okay. You have to embrace your successes and know that you are worthy.

Reframe failure as a learning opportunity instead of proof that you are a fraud. Embrace the lessons. Throw out the rest.  

Visualize. Stay focused on your success. See it. Feel it. Know that you deserve it.


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