Getting More Sales Through a Defined Sales Process

If we want customers to buy from us, it’s only logical that we understand the best way to help them do this.  As business owners and sellers, it’s vital to know what the key steps are for the sales team to apply consistently and thereby, ensure that there’s the biggest likelihood that each and […]

How to become a Sales Master…

How to become a Sales Master…

Being a business owner requires many different skills but one of the most important is the ability to sell. However, the majority of people that are in business do not consider themselves to be ‘natural’ salespeople. Even those that come from a sales background would not consider themselves great […]

Selling To Price-Focused Shoppers

The perception in the market place is that people are shopping based on price alone. The only reason your customer asks for the price upfront, is because, that is what we, as business owners, have trained them to do.

More often than not, people go into a business not really knowing what model, style, color […]


The greatest waste of sales person’s time is the deal lost and more specifically the deal they come second on.

Priority needs to be given to the business opportunities we can and would want to win. Chasing all deals is unproductive and may result in us overlooking the hot ones, by wasting time on the […]

Are You Truly Excited About What You Sell

Are You Truly Excited About What You Sell…?

We all know that sales are really all about “Closing The Sale”. There is not a salesperson alive who does not use a variety of techniques to help them be successful with customers. However, I believe passion is the most underrated and underutilised sales tool in our […]

All Hands On Sales Deck

Everyone in the business needs to sell.

Imagine what would happen if instead of axing people right now, every company transferred all of the employees to a sales role – whether it had commission only or a salary as well – what difference would it make?

Would the same old resistance or excuses about “my personality […]

Brad Sugars on What Are You Selling?

Brad Sugars on What Are You Selling?
I have spent a lot of time recently helping clients with their advertising. Quickly the conversation will center on “what is the intent” of the advertisement. Is the Ad being used to market a product or service or is it being used to sell? Too many times the advertising […]

Stop Chasing Sales to Close More Sales

John had been doing very well in sales.

But he knew he could do better. So he called and asked for some business help. He was making a very good living, but felt that he wasn’t focused. He wasn’t spending his time, effort, and energy in the right places.

John was running on two cylinders – […]

7 Signs You Are Getting in the Way

7 Signs you are getting in the way:
1. You are following your agenda rather than theirs
. Take their lead, if answers to your questions go in another direction, follow it.

2. You are getting objections. Objections mean you didn’t let them bring up an important point during the conversation, or you didn’t listen when they […]

Four Critical Customer Facts

Customer Fact 1

An average company loses 50% of its customers every 5 years. The other fact that goes with that one is that the cost of replacing them can typically be 6-7 times more expensive! And what this really means is that you get a whopping 600% to 700% bigger bang for your buck […]