Celebrating Wealth

If you hear of an individual who is described as wealthy, what comes to mind? Do you think of somebody who owns lots of expensive vehicles and homes? Does that person live a care-free lifestyle? Do you see them as honest, or as shady and unscrupulous? All of these stereotypes carry a little truth […]

World’s Best Business Coaches – Marco Soares

Dr. Tony Alessandra Interviews ActionCOACH Marco Soares

World’s Best Business Coaches – Andy O’Brien

Brad Sugars Interviews ActionCOACH Andy O’Brien

World’s Best Business Coaches – Ted Hair

Dr. Alessandra Interviews with Ted Hair

00:01 TONY: Ted, how are you doing and for our people who are watching and listening to this, could you introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about your background prior to getting into–(audio cut)


00:13 TED: Absolutely, good talking to you again Dr. Tony. My name is Ted […]

World’s Best Business Coaches – Karie Kaufmann

Dr. Tony Alessandra interviews ActionCOACH Karie Kaufmann

Mark Marthaler & Paul Kullen – Blind Installation & Repair / Dedicated Networks

Mike and Paul tell us about how ActionCOACH has helped them see their vision in their businesses and achieve personal growth

Manning Pool Service Houston Texas

Susan Manning: Hello I’m Susan Manning with Manning Pool service in Houston Texas. My husband Jeff and I started our business in 2001, he had been in the business for about 30 years in the pool industry and I was a school teacher so we were a teacher and a pool man. To start […]

Jamie Goral – Multiple Clients

IRVING BOXER – Owner, Stanmore Backcare & Health Clinic
00:10 Well–Jamie, It was about a year ago, that I met you, and ahm, I guess I was reaching a point in my career’s worst in path where things weren’t just going well for me, and I knew I had to take some sort of action, […]

Ray Perkins – Anatune

Anatune was in startup mode. They were dynamic, yet disorganized. They would have continued to struggle to grow as a business. Andrew came in to help with his business growth experience.

He helped them to identify what needed to be done to maintain a strong team, which is the backbone of any business.

Anatune has since […]

My ActionCOACH Is The Best – Jacob & Jones

Nicholas Aderinto, Jacob & Jones
In terms of what I get from Suj, basically I get a lot of support, get information on business development, and it’s really allowed my business to grow. It’s really something I value quite highly. Before we weren’t moving forwards very quickly at all in the business, but Suj has […]