5 Tips For Improving Your Sales

Here’s some of the best, most practical and basic sales advice you will ever get …

1. Know what you need to do and how You need to know much more than just the product/ service itself. Who needs your product/ service? How do you approach your prospects? If you don’t have answers to these basic questions, go dig deeper to find out.

2. Document your activity goals: For instance, how many calls you need o make per day? For this you also need to know how many calls do you need to make for  a sale?

3. Sell to the needs of your customers: They will only buy what they need so how do you make them realize they need your product/ service?

4. Ask the right questions and listen attentively: You need to be able to ask the right questions to uncover the needs of your prospects -and of course listen attentively.

5. Maximize your time: Based on your activity goals, make sure you have a good handle on how much time you are spending actually selling versus doing administrative stuff.