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2015’s Successful Women Entrepreneurs

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When it comes to business, most successful women have a ‘want it all’ kind of attitude. This drive is one of the biggest contributions to their success. According to Laura Vanderkam, a renowned author, “People seem to have this idea that having a full-time job leaves no space for many other things, but clearly that’s not true.”

In an interview for Business Insider, she shared, “It is quite possible to have a more than full-time job and have a very full personal life, too. It’s just a matter of where that time goes.”

Here are three successful women entrepreneurs who you should be lookup to:

stephanie parkerStephanie Parker – Co-founder of Sleeping Baby

Parker and her husband had problems getting their baby to fall asleep. Nothing seemed to work in the parent’s favor, so, Stephanie Parker decided to tackle the problem on her own. She created the first ever Zipadee-Zip pajama suit. Within no time at all, her solution to her child’s sleeping problems became a $1 million dollar business.

Theresa KrierTheresa Krier – Founder of Big T NYC

US Tea Association claims that the demand for tea has boosted over the years. Theresa Krier identified this demand and decided to make the most out of it. In 2013, she started her tea business which took off quickly. Within two years of setting up, her tea is now available on the shelves of grocery stores and menus of coffee shops across the nation.

Bridget HiltonBridget Hilton – Founder of LSTN

There are 360 million individuals who have hearing disabilities, about 48 million of them reside in the US. Hilton gives individuals with a hearing impairment the gift of sound through the sales of her headphones called LSTN. Profits earned help fund solutions for hearing impairment and are used to raise awareness about hearing loss. So far, she has raised enough to help 20,000 individuals already throughout the US, China, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Peru, and Kenya.

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