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6 Keys to Entertaining Your Audience While Persuading Them to Buy

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When appearing on radio or television, it’s vital that you maximize the opportunity you have created or been given. Here are just a few thoughts about how to do that:

Quote from your book, business, product or cause. Tag the pages in your book or materials and rank them in priority. Give the audience a tasty bite of what it would be like to indulge in the banquet of your services, buy your book or product. Think of it an auditory sample that your audience can take home with them.

Say the name of your book, business, product or cause. Weave the name of your book, business, product or cause into the conversation at least three times, so it sounds like it is a necessary part of the sentence.

Lead a panel discussion. When you are introduced don’t just say “Thank you” or “Good Morning,” lead with a sentence that will spark the discussion. The host will often then either come back and ask you the first question or refer to your comment to get the conversation percolating.

Tantalize your audience. Right as the host says he’s going to break for a commercial, take five seconds to say what you are going to talk about next. Use key words like, “When we return I will tell your audience the biggest mistake to avoid, or the one thing they should never leave the house without, or the secret to speak a mesmerizing message in 30 seconds etc.”

Establish urgency to sell your products. Promise your audience something and then deliver it. Give a special deal that has a limited time offer. Another way to establish urgency is to tell people what they are losing by not having your product or service or joining your cause. These are embedded marketing messages that spur people to action. Practice until you say them naturally.

End with a call to action or reaction. There are two types of closes for your message — a demand for action or a demand for reaction. Which are you trying to elicit? And that’s worth thinking about.

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