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Allow Trade-ins, Trade-ups and Build Rapport

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By allowing trade-ins and trade-ups, the business owner is not only able to help the customer solve a problem but also boost sales and up sell products. It is very helpful to build rapport and give special treatment to customers.

Allow Trade-ins/Trade-ups:

By allowing trade-ins, the business owner is able to solve his customers’ problem of what to do with the old product. It will also give them the chance to fit that new purchase into their budget. Offering trade-ins gives the business owner an opportunity to up sell to a better model.

Here are some useful hints and tips on using this brilliant selling technique:

  • Tell the world; trade-ins get people interested.
  • Make sure you can off-load the trade-ins at a handy profit.
  • Use it as a way of making a more expensive product seem affordable.

Build Rapport and Treat as Special:

By using simple techniques like always calling your clients by their first names, the business owner is able to build rapport and trust.  Of course the more they trust the owner, the more he can convince them to buy.

Here are some useful hints and tips to building rapport:

  • Get to know your customers – this starts by listening.
  • Always refer to them by name. If you have a bad memory, organize a card system.
  • Don’t always talk business. By getting personal with a customer, you start building trust.

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