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Are You Losing Sight of Your Goals?

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Let me paint a scenario for you, which I know is familiar to many.

You come into work bright and early to catch up on all those major things you need to do, and you sit back at your desk with great intentions.

However, you need a coffee to get started, and there are a couple of little jobs that you could quickly knock check off your list before you start on that vital Marketing Plan.

So you do all that, and things are off to a flying start, but unfortunately the calls are beginning to come in by now, and other people need your advice. Time moves on and suddenly you’re midway through the morning, and somehow it’s too late to start on such a big task before lunch, so again it gets pushed back.

Lunch comes and goes and it only takes a couple more distractions, and before you know it that key job gets put off to another day. Why do we do this and what can we do to change it? There are many reasons why business owners avoid key tasks.

  • The task can seem beyond their capabilities, so rather than “fail” at it; they don’t even attempt.
  • They fear what the outcome might bring in terms of “success.” In other words what happens if the business starts to grow hugely as a result of their actions?
  • They don’t have clear enough goals, so they can’t see the benefits of doing the tough tasks. They feel that after all things are moving fine.

The trouble is for any business to grow, you need strategic planning, a set of specific and measurable goals and the ability to take action and make things happen.

Like any living thing, if a business isn’t growing, it is dying. Simply burying your head in the sand hoping everything will turn out fine, or being complacent and just maintaining status quo will ultimately result into a disaster.
This is the reason why more and more people are turning to an outside mentor or Business Coach to help them succeed and grow.

Your ActionCOACH Business Coach will hold you accountable to the targets and goals you have set yourself and work with you on a week-by-week basis.

Your ActionCOACH Business Coach will help you create a commercial, profitable business that works without you.

About ActionCOACH

Brad Sugars founded the brand Action International in 1993 when he realized there was a disconnect between business advice and implementation. The answer was Action! Brad Sugars created a business coaching company so that business owners throughout the world can realize their goals in business. Today the company is known as ActionCOACH. To learn more about business, visit Brad Sugars Review blog!

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