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Becoming a Thought Leader

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In the age of social media, everybody wants to be a thought leader. Few actually are. Remember, thought leaders offer new perspectives and ideas to existing areas of thought.  But, if you’re genuinely interested in taking steps in that direction, the following tips will help you get there.

1.      Add Value

Here’s the old adage about believing in yourself. You’ve heard it a million times. We don’t need to repeat it here. But thought leaders display a certain image, one that ensures others that their ideas are useful and worthy of consideration.

2.     Have an original thought

Don’t follow the crowd. Offer something unique.

3.     Create content- a lot of it

Thought leaders are consistently writing books, blogs, and articles. They are constantly in the public eye and speak at well-noted events.

4.      Appeal to reason and emotion

Appeal to your audience on a number of levels. Stimulate their intellect with reason, but become the leader that they need, a light in the darkness, which wins friends on the emotional front. It’s about inspiring people to believe in your ideas and incorporate them into their own lives.

5.     Cultivate followers  

A thought leader is never a lone wolf. They are leaders who make a difference in people’s lives. In fact, you’ll know that you’ve hit the thought leader membership mark when you start to attract followers. Remember, it’s important to keep them engaged and informed. Once you’ve got them, you have to keep them. Keep it fresh. Keep it original.



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