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Brad Sugars on What Are You Selling?

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Brad Sugars on What Are You Selling?

I have spent a lot of time recently helping clients with their advertising. Quickly the conversation will center on “what is the intent” of the advertisement. Is the Ad being used to market a product or service or is it being used to sell? Too many times the advertising piece is trying to do both, market and sell. At this point, I bring the client back to the sales process we’ve developed, to clarify the intent of the advertisement. To learn more, keep reading Brad Sugars Reviews!

This same concept holds true for all your marketing strategies. Since most businesses do not have the money to spend on branding themselves, selling becomes a part of the marketing efforts.

But who do people buy from?

They buy from businesses they:

1. Know,
2. Like
3. Trust.

Therefore the sales process needs to do 3 things. It must provide credibility of the business and the person selling the product or service. The sales process must also create interest from the prospect in the product.

Finally, it must force a buying decision by the prospect.

Brad Sugars on Credibility – Interest – Decision

Put some time into creating your sales process. Determine the intent of each of your marketing pieces and strategies you’ve developed. Ask yourself “at which step does each strategy fit within the process?” The sales process starts with identifying your target market and ends with a closed sale.

For most products and services the time from beginning to end is longer than you’d initially expect. By making the process systematic and properly using your marketing and sales strategies your customer acquisition costs will go down and your sales will go up!
Have a successful month.

Book of the Month: “The $100 Million Dollar Playbook” by David Alan

To learn more about business, keep reading Brad Sugars Reviews!

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