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Business Coaching Basics from ActionCOACH®

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Business coaching is an industry that is no longer in its infancy or adolescence. It has fully arrived in adulthood, and it’s clear that in the future every successful professional will have a business coach. There is a tidal wave of understanding currently swallowing the business community at large.  Like a marketing plan, you need a business coach to be successful.

The fact is that business coaches create leaders. And leadership is key to running any successful business. It’s really about two things: passion and focus. It’s about staying grounded and focused and allowing your passion for the work to become contagious. These are philosophies that have shaped ActionCOACH®. And they are important attributes that every CEO should possess.

A great business coach begins by implementing systems that work, and not straying from those systems. A coach should provide that knowledge and strategize with the business owner the best means for implementation. If you stick to the systems, like the ones ActionCOACH® has created, unprecedented success is inevitable. It’s that simple.

ActionCOACH® has served thousands of businesses and their owners around the world and in every industry imaginable since 1993, and specializes in showing business owners how to find more time, create better teams within their companies and more money on their bottom-line. Our approach utilizes fundamental business principles that can be applied to any business in any industry. Because our approach works with every industry, ActionCOACH® has been able to expand into more than +60 countries, and we’re proud to say that we have coached more clients, won more awards, gained more recognition and produced more profits than any other coaching company in the world.

Expansion is one of our key objectives over the next few years. We plan to be in over 120 countries by 2020. There are a lot of reasons for our success. We know what it takes to be a good coach, to help business owners succeed, and make a difference in the world. But we are also passionate about what we do, and while coaching does improve the bottom line, we know that it also changes lives and communities, one business at a time.


ActionCOACH, the world’s largest business coaching firm, was established and founded in Brisbane, Australia by Brad Sugars in 1993 when the concept of business coaching was still in its infancy. Since franchising the company in 1997, ActionCOACH has grown to more than 1000 business coaching franchises operating in more than 60 countries. ActionCOACH specializes in coaching small to medium sized businesses as well as executive teams and group coaching. ActionCOACH maintains its growth and strategic alliances by continual development of cutting-edge innovative technology, proven business processes and systems to add value, satisfaction and additional income streams for its franchisees.