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Business Ownership. Time to Set Sail

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In the midst of a global economic upheaval caused by a viral pandemic, business ownership might not be the first thing you think of, but it might well be a turning point for you professionally and personally. It’s the type of business you choose that can be the difference between long-term success or failure.
In times of uncertainty, corporations look to cut costs, reduce staff, suspend bonus programs and employees at all levels are negatively affected. Cutting hours, reducing or eliminating commission payments and even temporary layoffs can send your financial future spiraling. You may have been on this roller coaster before and survived to tell the tale, but it might be time to consider whether it’s worth holding on, white-knuckling it, and hoping against the odds that your number wouldn’t be up this time.

So how do you change course and take control of your own destiny and finally stop playing chicken with your future? If the decision doesn’t scare you a little, then you aren’t really being honest with yourself. If you ever dreamed of going from deck hand on a dingy to being the true captain of your own luxury liner, making a dramatic change in your life choices and a new direction are required.

Once you decide to explore the uncharted waters of self-employment, you have to be clear on your expectations and goals. Choosing a business that suits your lifestyle and your skill set is vital if your voyage is going to reach port successfully. An ideal business ownership opportunity needs to have some key features;
• Low or no cost start-up; With a strong launch strategy to kick-start your business;
• Ongoing support in all areas of the business including, lead generation, marketing and technical support;
• Being a part of an established and proven brand with a diverse community of peers to learn from and collaborate with to grow and evolve your business;
• Access to a full complement of tested collateral, well-developed resources and ready-made strategies to make you successful from day one.

If this sounds like a unicorn, that’s because it is. But this unicorn isn’t imagery, it’s part of a burgeoning industry that is growing faster than almost any other white-collar, professional sector in the world. It is part of a $15 billion industry that is growing at more than 5.6% per year (IBISworld.com, 2019).


What is this mystical, magical opportunity? It’s called, Business Coaching. It’s not consulting, or project assessments. It is a business essential function that more companies are turning to get a leg up on the competition. Business coaching more than any other career paths can open streams of opportunities that you might not have thought were possible.

Business Coaching is fast becoming as necessity much like as legal advice or professional accounting services. Why? Because businesses, especially small ones, need long-term guidance from an objective point of view to keep them on track. Business Coaches are completely invested in the long-term results of a business. They aren’t a band aide or short-term tweak or a just plugging a leak. Business Coaching is a systematic, process altering, transformational relationship between a business owner and a certified, trained, artfully prepared professional who is going to alter thinking, create new mindsets and help lead an owner to new horizons of success.

It sounds pretty magical but it is very tangible. There is evidence that business that work with a Business Coach are more likely to stay open longer and be more successful that those that don’t.

Additionally, businesses that seek to invest in a Business Coach find they have more time, increased profits and have better teams piloting the organization. When you consider that most small businesses fail within the first five years, it is no wonder Business Coaching is growing. Business owners want to not only survive, they want to thrive and those who are truly honest, know they don’t have all the answers and many times are lacking the knowledge and fundamental business acumen to achieve the results they need. That is where business coaching fills the gap.

Business coaches work with clients they choose, often grow based on robust referrals and can operate virtually anywhere at any time. Most coaching can be done remotely and with technology, business coaching can reach sectors of the business community that may be overlooked and under served.
Any business owners know that associating with established brands and being supported by a recognized brand is even more attractive. Being able to stand on a firm foundation of a proven and tested systems means all the hard work has already been done for you.

So, if the waters ahead look murky and turbulent and you are tired of being sea-sick consider jumping into the Business Coach life boat. ActionCOACH is the world’s largest and more successful Business Coaching franchise offering single practice and firm options to suit most budgets. The training is second to none and the community nearly 1,000 coaches in more than 70 countries become part of your crew.

There is nothing scarier and more rewarding that becoming a business owner. ActionCOACH can be the safe harbor you seeking.


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