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Up And Coming Leaders… What Makes Them Shine!

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What is it that leaders have that makes them outshine everyone else in the industry? What ignites their passion and gives them a spark that proves to be the guiding light for many others?

Every leader has their own driving force, and the leaders of today are inspired by a desire to prove their worth and carve out a pathway for themselves which would help others by offering the right guidance. Today’s leader opts for a proactive approach. They want to reach the unthinkable and explore the distant horizons, never considering the possibility of the impossibility of anything. For them, everything and anything is possible, provided that one is willing to work for it!

Want to know which leaders to keep an eye out for, and learn from? There are quite a few, who, while still striving to expand their businesses, have already earned their place as the future leaders to watch out for!

Leaders Of Today And Tomorrow!

Clara Shih is the cofounder and the CEO of the Hearsay Social, a social business platform. What makes her company different from all the others in the business are the values she inculcates in the organization. She clearly states as a leader that we only want team players! Attitude is not an option if you want to work at Hearsay Social.

With values like these, Clara seeks to promote teamwork and ensure individual output for organizational success. And that is what makes her a formidable contender and a leader with foresight.

Tom Gimbel specializes in providing solutions to the most dreaded problem faced by the business leaders of today- employee retention! And he succeeds in maintaining a 90% retention rate in these times! He does this by making sure his employees know that they’re valued assets, ensuring they get all the right benefits. He offers fun trips for all from the company which makes the employees feel an important part of the organization and boosting their satisfaction levels. Satisfaction is the key to employee retention, and Tom Gimbel has developed a foolproof formula to retain the best talent in the sector.

Learn from the best and become an inspirational leader in your own way!

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