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Company Profile and Factory Tours

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A well-documented company profile can be a great sales tool for any business.

Company Profile:

This can work as a serious sales tool – you create a five to six page document detailing what makes your company so great.

More importantly, talk about why your company is the best choice for the prospect – and what you plan to do for them!

Here are some useful hints and tips on writing your company profile:

  • Don’t be afraid to boast.
  • Include testimonials
  • Use SELLING words
  • Focus on how your company helps solve people’s problems.

Factory or Site Tours:

Inviting people to take a tour of your factory can really boost your credibility. If people see how things are made, and the craftsman at work, they are more likely to believe you when you talk about quality.

Here are some useful hints and tips on conducting factory tours for boosting your credibility:

  • Get your team involved so they are prepared for the tour.
  • Ensure everything is spotless.
  • Really plan it well, explaining the history of your business and the most interesting things you do.
  • At the end of the tour, offer free samplings of what you produce.

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