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In a recent survey of franchise prospects, Franchise Insights reports that even in light of the global pandemic interest in business ownership remains high.

When asked how Covid-19 had affected their interest in starting a business or opening a franchise, respondents to the FranchiseInsights.com Small Business Startup Sentiment Index™ showed a noticeable increase in the desire for “controlling my own destiny through business ownership,” up from 27.9% in March to 38.3% in June of 2020. While the cause is unknown, the high (though improving) unemployment rate and the rising stock market likely were factors.”

Responses to the same question also revealed a strong orientation toward “businesses that would be resistant” to shocks like Covid-19. As detailed in a recent article on rising interest in certain franchise categories, aspiring owners are gravitating to franchise brands that haven’t been sidelined by social distancing measures and forced closures. Indeed, 29.2% of respondents in June indicate their searches are being shaped by these considerations.

Additional data shows that interest in business service opportunities continues to remain strong. “Financial Services franchises and Business Services franchises also were relatively strong, with above average increases of 10.4% and 6.1%, respectively.”

This positions Business Coaching as a prime opportunity in the marketplace. Low competitive threats, low cost start up and if you pick the right partner, ready-made systems and programs to generate multiple revenue streams for a new business owner. This $2 Billion industry shows no sign of slowing down and the growth of the industry continues to outpace the economy. Using your business expertise and knowledge to help others business owners survive and thrive is a great way to grow and give back.

So. doing your homework and finding the best franchise partners is critical to your business ownership success. Find a franchise that offers:

  • Experience
  • Depth of Expertise
  • Large Community for Support
  • Training and Ongoing Support
  • Programs and Systems that are proven and tested
  • Outreach and robust resources
  • Strong Technology and Support
  • Marketing and Sales Support
  • New Product Development

Opportunity rarely knocks so you have to be ready to open the door and explore the possibilities. The possibilities of being your own boss, of working with clients you choose and the ability to work from virtually anywhere in a business that is resilient in even the most uncertain times.

ActionCOACH Business Coaching has more than 25 years of experience with nearly 1,000 coaches in more than 70 countries. The company that introduced business coaching is the undisputed leader in the industry. Under the guidance and vision of Brad Sugars, ActionCOACH’s CEO and Founder, the franchise offers more than 3500 strategies, programs and process to ensure franchise partners succeed. No other Business coaching organization can taut the volume of resources and proven and tested methods to support their franchise partners. Affordable, approachable and easy start up makes, becoming a certified professional business coach a very attractive and attainable goal.

You can do work with a purpose. You can help others in your community. You can have the financial freedom you have always dreamed of and you can finally be in control of your future.

Contact ActionCOACH to begin your discovery process.


Carmen Gigar is the Chief Marketing Officer for ActionCOACH Global.