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Creating a Great Team: The Top Team Building Activities

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Creating a Great Team: The Top Team Building Activities

Team building activities are essential to create a happy, productive and closely-knit team. However, the issue is deciding on the purpose of these activities. Which ones are most effective? The best team building activities? Here are the top 4 picks:

Poker Tower

Make groups of 5 and distribute a pack of poker cards and a pair of scissors to each group. Using only the cards and the pair of scissors, instruct them to build them the tallest poker tower. As the team figures out how to build the tower together, this activity will stimulate team bonding and creativity.


There is no better way to build rapport with your supervisor than shooting him in the back while your coworkers stand around and cheer on. This activity brings up the competitive yet playful side of the team and fosters teamwork. Communication is also an integral part of the activity; the team who communicates will have an edge over the other in this particular activity.

Dragon Boating

Not all team building activities are necessarily indoors. Head out for some tan with your team. Try double kayaking or dragon boating; include a race if possible. It is a great idea to bring groups together this way – relationships are built and teamwork is fostered.

Egg Drop

Split your team into 2-3 teams and ask them to build an egg package that can keep the egg intact from a 2-4 storey drop. Tools like plastic, balloons, tape, straws etc can be provided. To create the package, give them an hour after which each team will take turns to drop the egg from the 2nd storey while everyone else stays at the bottom level to observe. This is a classic team engagement tactic.

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