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Define Your Uniqueness and Sell Exclusive Product Lines

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It helps convert prospects into customers by defining your uniqueness:

Define Your Uniqueness:

If there’s nothing different about you, people will only buy from you because of convenience, or price, nothing more. Added to that, you’ll never be able to raise your prices; if there’s anyone doing it cheaper, people will buy from them.

You need to work out what is special about you and then make a big deal about it. And don’t just say “price” or “quality” – these are empty terms. Make it very specific, and meaningful.

Here are some useful hints and tips on defining your uniqueness:

  • Sit down and ask yourself “what is it that makes us stand apart from the rest?”
  • Once you know what sets you apart, tell the world, and tell it loudly.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of uniqueness – simply by doing something different you can get lots of attention.
  • If there’s nothing unique about what you do, start changing or adding things.

Sell Your Own Product Line or an Exclusive Line:

If you have something nobody else has, such as your own product line, people will be forced to buy it from you. Of course, you must make sure your products are up to scratch, and genuinely attractive.

Here are some useful hints and tips on selling an exclusive line:

  • Develop or find something no one else has.
  • Look at what you are already doing – you may have something unique and you don’t even know it.
  • If you haven’t got anything exclusive yourself, develop partnerships that allow you to offer something special.

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