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DISC Behavioral Styles

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The DISC profile includes four components, devised by psychologist Dr. William Moulton Marston as a tool to measure behavioral styles. It is a personal assessment tool used by individuals to analyze their behavioral patterns and how they could influence their overall personality at work and at different levels in the career ladder. It helps manage productivity, stress and other behavioral patterns to be assessed based on few traits of individuals. It helps an individual understand his/her own motivations better, what level of stress is constructive for them, what are the conflict resolution styles and problem solving techniques that fit well. It also helps one understand the behavioral patterns of those whom we deal with in business world in day to day life.

DISC profile include following components:

1.     Dominance (DISC)

Confidence is the key trait in such a person falling in this category. A strong emphasis on achievement of results and goal orientation are the common practices of these individuals. They can be straightforward and blunt, open towards diversity, and adventurous by nature accepting any challenging situation coming their way with aplomb.

2.     Influence (DISC)

These individuals are said to be great leaders. They influence others and take charge of situations but they take along everyone with them. Relationship oriented and persuasive by nature, these people are very collaborative and see the brighter picture in any situation.

3.     Steadiness (DISC)

Individuals falling in this category are persistent in behavior. They don’t like to be rushed or pushed beyond limits as they exhibit a calm demeanor. They emphasize on cooperation, and to a certain extent, they do adjust with unusual circumstances, dealing with things in a subtle manner. They are very supportive with their colleagues and subordinates and are humble and down to earth.

4.     Conscientiousness (DISC)

The name says it all; these individuals are focused on accuracy and quality of work produced along with emphases on their competencies. They enjoy being trusted and given responsibility as it means for them independence and also they are detail oriented individuals with sound reasoning and expertise. They are perfectionists who dread being wrong.

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