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Okay. So, you’ve started your day, and there’s so much to do. Ever ask yourself, “Where do I start?” Many business owners I talk to do. They’ve got so much on their plate: sales, marketing, finances, hiring, cleaning the bathroom (just checking to see if you are still awake), and let’s not forget actually providing your product or service. Many people, faced with so many balls to juggle shut down. Or, how about “let me start with email.”

Have you ever found yourself doing that? And then the phone rings. And then an employee comes in asking for guidance. And then a customer calls. And before you know it, it is 5 p.m. and everyone is leaving the office except you, and you’re thinking “Jeez, I haven’t gotten anything done that I needed to get done today.”

There’s a way to stop the madness, and it’s called “Eat That Frog!” If you haven’t read this book by Brian Tracy, I suggest you get it and give it a good read.

The key to stop procrastinating, (and yes, I realize you thought all of that other stuff you did was important), is to start each day identifying the number one goal you have for the day. And then “Eat That Frog!” It means continually asking yourself “Which one project or activity, if I did it in an excellent and timely fashion, would have the greatest positive impact on my life?”

And then, as Nike would tell us, “just do it”. Give yourself time at the beginning of each day to focus (and I mean really focus) and get the biggest, ugliest thing on your plate done. You’ll be surprised how the rest of the day turns out.

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