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Encouraging Product Trials to Boost Sales

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Providing customers with a chance to try the product before purchasing it really helps in boosting sales as well as building rapport and trust.

The ‘Try Before You Buy’ offer or Product-Trials:

If you can do this safely, do it.  It’s the old ‘puppy dog’ technique – try taking a puppy home then returning it two weeks later.  Obviously, people won’t have that kind of attachment to the product (unless you sell pets), but the product will become part of their life.Â

It will be twice as easy to say “Which credit card would you like to pay for that on?”

Here are some useful hints and tips for using product-trials effectively:

  • Make sure the prospective customer is genuinely interested in buying.
  • Ensure they know exactly how the product works so they gain the maximum benefit from it over the trial period.
  • If you are out of demo products, offer to take their name and put them on a waiting list.

Build Trust and Rapport:

There are some simple things that you can do to make sure this happens.  First, always use their name, and make sure you introduce yourself using your full name.  Ask them questions, and genuinely listen to the response – these are your clues.Â

Provide ideas and advice, and do your best to help them.  If you believe in your product, you should know that one of the best ways to help them is to sell them something.

Here are some useful hints and tips for building rapport with and winning the trust of your customers:

  • Spend more time listening than talking.
  • Remember their first name and then use it during the conversation.  Remember that nothing sounds better to someone than the sound of their own name.
  • Do everything you can to understand their concerns and then develop ways (preferably together) to solve them.

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