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End The Sales Process With Action

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It is crucial to end the sales process and ask for the sale.

Follow-up & Follow Up Again:

Don’t let anyone slip through your fingers. Follow up until the point when the customer is becoming audibly annoyed with you. At this point, you’re probably damaging your chances more than helping them.

Keep calling until they buy, or they buy somewhere else. Until then, they’re still a ‘hot’ prospect.

Here are some useful hints and tips for following-up:

    1. Don’t get disheartened, a NO now could mean YES in a week.
    2. Don’t be afraid to call back, again and again- after all, you have a great product.
    3. Even if they don’t buy with you try and find out why and continue to maintain the relationship so they buy of you the next time.
    4. Ask for referrals.

Ask For The Sale:

Don’t be shy. If you’ve asked enough questions, you should have established that the person wants to buy what you sell. If that’s the case, assume the sale. Ask them assumptive questions like, “Would you like to pay for that on credit card, or by cash?”

Here are some useful hints and tips on asking for the sale:

    1. Don’t be afraid- you deserve the sale.
    2. By not being a little aggressive you risk letting a hot prospect go who might just be hopeless at making decisions.
    3. ‘Read’ the situation carefully and ask the big question when you know you’ve sold all the benefits.
    4. Word the question carefully- you don’t want to sound too cocky!

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