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No other recession has done as much damage to your sales as this one. But the power a recession possesses lies in the perception of the producer. Here’s a question. Is your sales volume down this year over last? If yes, is your activity down as well? If you said no, you’re among the lucky few. The truth is, someone’s doing business out there and I want it to be me. The casualty of this recession is activity. Most people buy into the perception that it really tough out there and everybody is cash poor. So why not wait it out until the recession is over. This philosophy is flawed. Many businesses make more money during a recession than any other time. The home improvement do-it-yourself industry is a good example.

The truth is apparent. It is tougher now than a year ago. But are you making it worse on yourself ? If you have risen to the occassion and increased your activity in proportion, congratulations. You are in the minority. IF YOUR ACTIVITY HAS NOT INCREASED BY AT LEAST AS MUCH AS YOUR SALES HAVE DECREASED, YOUR RECESSION WILL LAST LONGER THAN IT SHOULD.

All of this relates back to motivation. Complacency is the killer. Discouragement is the distraction. It becomes all too obvious during the down times. The answer lies in sticking even closer to your game plan than usual. The more sophisticated your business, the greater the need to stick to a daily activity plan. The greater you need also to give yourself daily incentives to maintain that momentum.

Success is never forever and failure is never fatal. Make this tough period a time that produces renewed motivation in you to thrive rather than an excuse not to act. Someone’s getting business, why shouldn’t it be you.

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