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Getting More Sales Through a Defined Sales Process

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If we want customers to buy from us, it’s only logical that we understand the best way to help them do this.  As business owners and sellers, it’s vital to know what the key steps are for the sales team to apply consistently and thereby, ensure that there’s the biggest likelihood that each and every customer will buy.

An outline of the sales process steps is as follows:

""This basic framework can be used as the basis for any sales team to get more sales.  From working through each of these steps the sales team can adapt the best practices for them be it in a retail environment through to professional services, tailoring each process to meet their customers’ needs.  For instance, in a clothes shop demonstration would be encouraging more customers to try on the clothes whereas, for a professional services firm the demonstration may take the form of known third party testimonials, case studies or even site visits.

The key is to have a defined series of steps with processes within each step, leading the customer through each step so that their needs are clearly defined whilst building on their desire to buy.  A good sales process will not only lead to more sales, but more profit and greater customer satisfaction so it’s highly recommended to do this for every firm.
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