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Have a Minimum Order Amount

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A business owner can boost average dollar sale by getting his customers to have a minimum order amount.

Have a Minimum $ Order Amount:

If you’re in a service or trade business where you need to travel to your clients, you should consider a minimum dollar order. Many pizza and takeaway food stores will not deliver to your home unless you spend a minimum amount of money. This strategy is also a good idea for plumbers or mechanics with a 24-hour service.

Some companies also charge a minimum purchase price for people wishing to withdraw money using eftpos. It will turn some people away, but it’ll allow you to keep your ‘A’ Grade clients.

Here are some useful hints and tips on using this strategy to boost average dollar sale:

  • Clearly explain why you need to enforce a minimum $ sale amount. When people understand they won’t resent it.
  • Do the numbers and make it as low as possible… remember you want to make it as easy to buy from you as possible.
  • Be careful with eftpos. There are very few businesses that have a minimum purchase required these days and you may look greedy and old fashioned if you have such a policy.

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