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Having an Effective Follow-up System For Prospects and Clients

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Have you ever wondered what is just the right amount of follow up?  I mean, you wouldn’t want to be perceived as pushy, would you?  Of course, I’m being a little cheeky, because you should not look at having a great follow-up system as anything less than an important part of your business. Look at it this way, you don’t want folks to think you aren’t interested enough in earning their business to do the proper follow-up, do you?

So, what makes an effective follow-up system?  Let’s go through some important points:

1. Whatever you do, it should be timely. So how would we define timely?

  •  First of all, it it’s a new contact, try to call and/or send a note (see more below) within one week of meeting someone.
  • When else should you make contact? Well, you should not let a quarter go by without having some kind of contact with clients and/or prospects. Heck, why not do something monthly?
  • Also, it’s very nice to remember special days like birthdays, anniversaries (business and/or personal), and holidays. In fact, I know some people who send Thanksgiving cards rather than December holiday cards, so that they stand out a little.

2. The next question is what – what do I send/do?

  • I like to think that the 1st contact should be personal. Why not just pick up the phone? Even if you don’t get the person, leave a voicemail. That way they know you tried. A word of caution though – do not expect the prospect to call you back! Just because you left a voicemail, does not transfer responsibility. I like to say something like “I’m sorry I missed you, but I’ll try again later.”
  • Then, I like to follow-up with something in writing. Obviously, if your prospect is computer savvy, you can drop them a quick “thinking of you” email. Conversely, you can drop a handwritten note in the mail. Have you heard about the service from SendOutCards(TM)? Visit www.sendoutcards.com to learn more. This service allows you to send cards, using your computer, but prints the card in your own handwriting.

3. Have you ever wondered what to say? Read more in Part Two of my article.

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