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How To Deliver Winning Sales Presentations

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Okay, you have listened carefully to what the customer has to say and you know exactly what he/she thinks they need and want. You actually do know what to recommend that will exceed their wildest dreams and will result in them begging you to accept their order.

That’s fantastic!!! However there is a little more work to do to make the sale. You also need to establish the value of your product and/or service by presenting benefits that match and/or exceed the needs and wants you know the customer wants. The secondary goal of this step is to create the desire to buy ‘now’..

Remember, people retain 20 percent of what they hear, 50 percent of what they see and up to 90 percent of what they touch or feel. This means that you have to “Pitch” your verbal presentation to specifically match their needs and wants so the 20 percent they remember will give them the information they need to make their buying decision.

It is really important to be able to physically show them the benefits that they want and better still is to put the benefits in their hands so that they can touch/feel the value. You see, we humans are a strange bunch; we have more trust in what we see than what we hear because as the old adage goes, “Seeing is believing.”

If you are a doctor, accountant, lawyer, dentist, vet, etc, and you, like myself, sell the invisible, you simply need to become your own product. In this situation, clothes really do make people. There is an expected image of all professions, clowns through to bankers.

Emotion is the ruling factor in all decision-making and particularly in the sales decision process. Therefore, you must look for the emotional benefits of your product/service because logic exists purely to justify emotional decisions. If a customer does not believe you emotionally, you have lost the sale, no amount of logical rational debate will counter, “You have not fulfilled my emotional needs.”

So, recommend and demonstrate products and services whose benefits meet and exceed the customers concepts of value and pitch your recommendation specifically to those needs and wants only. The customer needs to see and feel a lot more than hear what your product or service can provide to fulfil his/her needs and wants. You must fulfil emotional value not logical thought.

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