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How To Hone Your Selling skills

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In order to build long-term customers, salespeople must establish strong personal relationships with the clients’ decision makers and influencers.

Here are six most common areas that need improvement in a sales team:

Listening skills: Listening is the most important skill a salesperson can have. Good listening skills help the salesperson understand and identify what the customer wants or where they have problems – based on which, a salesperson can make a recommendation and close a sale.

Understand people: Every individual is a unique product of his/her experience and environment that shape his/her communication style, attitude, interest, behavior and ethics.

Serve your customers: Customer service is particularly important for salespeople – who are often the first point of contact with the customer.

Work toward the next sale: Always look at establishing a long-term relationship with your client. Salespeople should always think win/win and know that an amicable agreement could lead to another order.

Close: Salespeople need to have a clear understanding of why people buy and how to handle and overcome sales objections. In order to close a sale, they need to understand the sales process and work smoothly through the steps to secure a sale. Â

With a focus on self-improvement a salesperson can distinguish his products/services from those of the competitors.

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