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The definition of leadership has long been debated but it is something you know when you see it or experience it. Leadership in times of crisis for a business is critical so that organizations experience as little disruption as possible. Whatever the external factors or circumstances are, strong, consistent and reliable leadership is the best offense any business can deploy.

Demonstrating effective leadership is about fundamentally connecting at a deep level which requires being trustworthy, positive and creative. A leader is ultimately trying to motivate and persuade others to act or move to a desired position or purpose. Leaders must then instinctively demonstrate and exercise skills outside normal or nominal management levels requirements.

Leadership requires calm and skillful active listening, and accessibility. Now is the time amp up these skills so that those you want to lead respond. Brad Sugars, founder and CEO of ActionCOACH held a webinar ‘Crisis Averted’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1oAe8ZDFtE early last week outlining steps businesses should take to prepare for shifting economic times. Resources and business tools were immediately shared with Coaches and Master Licensees worldwide to help them combat panic and distress in the communities and help them lead business owners around the world.

Business coaches worldwide have heard the call and here are examples of what a few ActionCOACHes are doing to ensure businesses in their communities are better prepared during these quickly changing and uncertain times. Walking the walk and talking the talk, leaders act and act quickly and decisively.

Master Coach Dr. Michael Hartley (michaelhartley@actioncoach.com) and Master Licensee Kevin Alft from our ActionCOACH Texas team are leading their clients and customers with clear, resolute, solution-based information. They are leading their clients through the crisis by addressing key action steps and strategic plans to keep their businesses as robust as possible. The planning consists of 12 steps;

  1. Stay “above the point of power” (avoid blaming, providing excuses and negative talk) throughout the next 6-8weeks.
  2. How to shift the delivery of your products or services?
  3. How to engage your customers (both medium and message based on the shifts)?
  4. Different activities or tasks that need to be done daily with these pivots.
  5. What shifts in how your team works (remotely) are needed?
  6. Reallocate current talent into these new actives that are required by the business?
  7. What teaching is needed to be developed for the team with these new activities?
  8. What daily KPI’s are needed (both activities and results) with this pivot?
  9. Is there any adjustment needed in the compensation plan based on #8 (bonuses/etc.)?
  10. How to properly communicate the pivots to past/current/and pipeline customers/prospects?
  11. What is the WIIFM-focused, USP and marketing script/plan (work it through the formula for change) & which strategies will be implemented to achieve your lead generation commitments for the week?
  12. How does your business help your customers feel more secure in Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs?

“Today’s coaching sessions throughout Texas will cover these 12 critical points and coaches will be creating Strategic Pivot Action Plans for the next 8-weeks during their coaching session,” states Dr. Hartley. “It’s time to respond instead of react.”

In the Midwest, Heather Yakes (heatheryakes@actioncoach.com) an highly recognized community leader and ActionCOACH in Lancaster, Ohio is martially internal and external resources for her clients. In her practice, coaches are extending sessions and shifting focus to ensure their business clients are supported and prepared.

In Yakes’ practice

  1. All coaching sessions have been changed into 2-hour, 90-day business survival planning.
  2. All clients whether group or 1:1 will be going through this 2-hour session with their coach to have a solid plan for the next 90 days
  3. Coaches are also available on demand to our current clients especially as we have restaurants and event providers who have been shut down.

But support doesn’t end there, Yakes is also conducting virtual webinars this Thursday and next Monday for four Chambers of Commerce in the Central Ohio area titled “11 critical steps you must do now to protect your business through crisis”.


Additionally, they are offering a 4-tiered approach for prospective clients to get help:

  1. Free webinar access
  2. Free “Ask the Coach” sessions via phone hotline, email or messaging on social media.
  3. Offering a 2-hour, 90-day Survival Plan with a Coach for only $495

“Doctors and nurses are on the front lines to keep people healthy, we (business coaches) are here to keep businesses healthy,” says Yakes. “Our team and our clients are our top priority and we are ready and able to get them through this unprecedented time.”

Yakes and her team have also contacted their U.S. Congressman and confirmed the process for acquiring emergency funds for the clients hardest hit by this crisis.

On the west coast in San Diego, award-winning ActionCOACH Karie Kaufmann (karie@kariekaufmann.com) shares what she is doing and her coaching approach. She is offering common-sense, clear leadership including;

  • Are you planning to win, or planning not to lose? Games aren’t won with a defense-only strategy, so now is not the time to hunker down and hang on for dear life.
  • Panic is contagious, but so is leadership. (I heard Verne Harnish say this, but not sure if he was quoting someone else, so you might want to Google it to check the source) How do you need to show up as a leader for your team, customers and community?
  • Use your unplanned downtime wisely. As more meetings & events get canceled, available time can quickly get absorbed with unproductive busywork and idle chatter.

Kaufmann reminds us all. “Be intentional, and utilize the ‘found time’ for planning, education, and taking forward-thinking action in your business”. She too is offering a special 90-day planning workshop in her community supporting business owners and helping them find a clear path through this crisis.


ActionCOACH is filled with hundreds of leaders dedicated to the survival of business globally. The company vision of “World abundance through business re-education” is more than just a poster on the wall. It is a mandate that drives the organization forward.

Small business is the lifeblood of most communities and feeds the economy. It is the light of progress and prosperity that gives us all hope. In time of strife, emergencies and crisis leaders, like Sugars, Hartley, Yakes and Kaufmann stand out and find ways to help others out of the darkness.

To learn more about ActionCOACH or to contact any of these remarkable leaders please email info@actioncoach.com.


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