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Make More Time Part 2

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Last month, I discussed how we can have more opportunities if we just change the way we use our time.

In response to my challenge to send me the actions you take to free up time, here are some of the answers I received:

Debbie said, “I’m a morning person and find that to be my most productive time of day.   So, I attack the two or three hardest tasks before I do anything else.   The quality of the results  are better and, since I’m  no longer  stressed about getting things done  by the end of the day, my attitude  during the day has definitely improved.”

Dave said, “I schedule key activities and hold myself to them.   Monday, Wednesday and Thursday are my marketing days so I close my door and dedicate two straight hours each of those days to making phone calls.    I now actually spend less time to make more sales than I did before…”

Anne said, “I used to be an e-mail junkie!   I was constantly checking my e-mail to see if I had a new one…even if it wasn’t important.   Now, I only check them three times a day –  in the morning, after lunch and in the late afternoon.   I was amazed at how much time I was wasting before.”

So there you have it…some real live feedback on how making slight adjustments to the normal routine resulted in real results.   Are you convinced yet?   Try it…you may just find that it works.   Send me your success stories at bruceluecke@actioncoach.com.

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