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Offer Home Delivery and Charge for Postage

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A business owner can offer home delivery and charge for it. This can be a great selling technique to boost average dollar sale.

Offer Home Delivery:

A good way to make it easy for people to deal with you is by offering home delivery. Charging a fee for this service is a great way to increase your average dollar sale.

This can prove very popular with larger items such as home furnishings.

Here are some useful hints and tips for offering home delivery as an option:

  • Cover your cost with a small fee; people will pay for the convenience.
  • For big ticket items, try and include ‘free delivery’ in your advertising.
  • Only deal with a reputable deliverer; damaged products are a  nightmare.

Charge for Delivery, Post & Package:

This is very similar to home delivery; you simply offer to package and post items for the customer at a fee. Most people couldn’t be bothered doing it themselves and will be happy to pay you to do it.

This works best with gift items or products that are difficult to transport.

Here are some useful hints and tips for charging for delivery and postage:

  • Get a great deal from a delivery company by buying their services in bulk.
  • Don’t be afraid to charge extra; people put a high price on convenience these days.
  • Package the product with care. Damaged products leave a sour taste in the customer’s mouth and the extra costs in replacing/fixing comes straight from your pocket (unless they are inured, but then there’s the excess).

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