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Offers and Promotions to Get Customers to Buy More

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A business owner is able to boost average dollar sale by asking his customers to buy more. This can be done by offering certain incentives.

Ask People to Buy Some More:

This technique is probably the most simple to use. When your customer makes a purchase, ask them if they would like to buy a couple of spares to have on hand. This works well with disposable items like shoe laces, light globes etc.

You’ll get the best results with this technique if the items you’re selling are about to increase in price.

Here are some useful hints and tips on how you can get your customers to buy more:

  • Spell out the convenience of having a ‘few extra on hand’.
  • Make it sound as though the product could run out of stock at any time.
  • ‘It’s only available at this price for the rest of the week’, is also going to get the customer thinking.

‘4 for the price of 3’ offers:

This is a great way to encourage people to buy more than they really need. Once again the best results come from semi-disposable items. Almost any business can use this type of promotion.

Try getting your suppliers to assist with the cost of the promotion by giving you some free stock.

Here are some useful hints and tips on how to make these offers:

  • Make sure the margins are there to make it profitable.
  • If possible, pass the cost on to your suppliers.
  • The more disposable the product, the better it usually works.
  • Make it time sensitive.

‘Buy One Get One Free’ offer:

This is basically the same as the ‘4 for the price of 3’ offer. These promotions can be used to great effect where there’s a reasonable mark-up on most goods, or when you want to clear old stock.

It outsells ‘2 for the price of 1′, half-price and ’50 percent off’ by more than double.

Here are some useful hints and tips on how to use this winning offer:

  • Make sure there are plenty of margins.
  • Use it as a puller – once people are interested in this great special, show them what else you’ve got.
  • Make it time sensitive.
  • Use mostly for clearance items to get the money back out of your stock.

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