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Do you find yourself changing priorities often and instead of accomplishing one priority you only accomplish a little portion of several priorities?  An action plan helps us to stay the course on our top strategic priorities.

Stephen Covey in his book, First Things First, breaks priorities into four categories:

  1. Urgent and Important (Quadrant 1)
  2. Non-Urgent and Important (Quadrant 2)
  3. Urgent and Non-Important (Quadrant 3)
  4. Non-Urgent and Non-Important (Quadrant 4)

If you find that a lot of your time falls into Quadrant 3 or Quadrant 4, then a stronger plan can keep you focused on your important goals.  In the Action system we break the strategic planning process into long-term goals, 12-month goals, and quarterly goals.

About ActionCOACH

Brad Sugars founded the brand Action International in 1993 when he realized there was a disconnect between business advice and implementation. The answer was Action! Brad Sugars created a business coaching company so that business owners throughout the world can realize their goals in business. Today the company is known as ActionCOACH. To learn more about business, visit Brad Sugars Review blog!

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