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Promotions and Specials

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By running in-store promotions and flashing light specials, a business owner can boost average dollar sale.

In-Store Promotions:

Run in store promotions on a regular basis to create interest in products or services people will buy as an add on, or on an impulse. These could take the form of product demonstrations, competitions or sporting personalities live in store.

Different events such as Easter, Christmas or your store’s anniversary can be turned into interesting promotions.

Here are some useful hints and tips on running In-Store Promotions:

  • Always link an in-store promotion with a special offer.
  • Make it time sensitive; ‘only available today’.
  • Once they go for the promoted product, get their attention focused on everything else you offer.
  • Be different; check out other people’s promotions and then improve upon them.  This will make you a real talking point.

Flashing Light Specials:

To run flashing light specials you need a flashing light or siren. This is then set off to direct people to products that are on sale. The sale should only last for 10-30 minutes.

It’s best to use flashing light specials when you have stock you wish to clear, damaged goods or if you wish to highlight a new product.

Here are some useful hints and tips on running Flashing Light Specials:

  • The discount must be really impressive.
  • Encourage people to buy the product in bulk.
  • Always introduce them to your other products while they are there.
  • Be careful with the flashing lights and sirens; if you run a really up-market business this might not be for you.

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