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Provide Quality Products and Increase Range or Variety

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It helps convert prospects into customers by providing quality products and increasing range or variety.

Increase Range Or Variety:

The more you have, the more options you can give the customer, and the more individual tastes you can cater for.  Naturally, you have to be careful you don’t end up buying a bunch of highly specialized stock that you can never sell.

In many cases though, going from “Would you like an apple or an orange?” to “Would you like an apple, orange or a banana?” can make a big difference.

Here are some useful hints and tips for increasing range or variety:

  • Look to diversify your range of products.
  • Keep your eyes open for items that compliment what you currently offer.
  • Always try to offer more options to potential customers.

Provide Quality Products:

People will buy quality when it’s affordable. By providing the best, you put yourself a cut above everyone else. And don’t be afraid to mark up the products – people expect to pay more for quality, and they tend to regard higher priced items as being of a higher standard.

Here are some useful hints and tips for providing quality products:

  • People will pay for quality, so don’t be afraid to charge.
  • Have rigorous control checks because once a bad product hits the market the damage is done – reputation is everything.
  • Scream the benefits and quality of the product – leave no one in any doubt this is a premium item.
  • Take nothing for granted.  If you are offering a premium product, customers also expect premium service.
  • Sell up to quality, not down to price.

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