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Provide Your Customers with Options and Have Them Buy on Impulse

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Tantalizing customers with impulse buys and giving them many options helps boost sales.

Impulse Buys:

Place impulse items like chocolates or magazines at cash registers to tempt people as they wait. The longer they wait the greater chance of them weakening. Impulse buys can also be placed throughout the store.

For example, torches next to batteries, mops with buckets, paint brushes with paint etc.

Here are some useful hints and tips on having your customers buy on impulse:

  • Always have something tantalizing on offer where people have to wait.
  • Make it a special offer so people think ‘Why not?’
  • Class the products together so there’s a chance of multiple purchases.

Sell with an Either/Or Question:

When you’re about to finalize the deal, ask your client if they would like either the red one or the blue one – delivery on Wednesday or Thursday – if they’ll pay by check or credit card? Always give people a choice between one way or another, never give them a yes or no answer, chances are they’ll say ‘no’. Assume they’re going to buy, just ask a detail oriented question to confirm their purchase.

Here are some useful hints and tips on selling with an either/or question:

  • Give them two or in some cases even three options to choose from.
  • Word the question in such a way that NO isn’t an option; it’s just a matter of which one.
  • Remember to ask, “Is there anything else you need?”

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