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Put Me In Coach… Defining Success

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Success means different things to different people. It might be something different to the same person at a different stage of their life. No one should define success for you. You are the only one that can define and refine what success means to you at any given time.

Take a pro-athlete in any sport. Just becoming a professional is an incredible feat and many would call it success. But most athletes aren’t seen as successful unless they reach some sort of pinnacle of achievement. Are they a starter or an all-star? Are they an MVP? Is it fair to label any one athlete more successful than any other simply based on the money they make or the notoriety that get?

Books have been written on the subject; speakers have given eloquent TEDTalks about success. Everyone has a formula; gurus have their special path for you to follow to find it. So why do many of us find it hard to get, keep and realize success in our lives?

Perhaps because we continue to look to others for the meaning of the word? We aren’t digging deep within ourselves to define what personal and business success looks like and feels like.

Being successful in today’s world is very different from what our parents or their parents used as measures of success. Changes in the world, global economies and our technologies have altered the success landscape. Defining success based on standards set by another generation is like trying to play a soccer match using baseball rules and equipment. Both sports are played on a grass field but that is where the similarities end. Trying to play a successful game under those circumstances will lead to frustration and disappointment.

If you want to play the Success Game you have to design it and prepare for it.

If you don’t have a clear picture of what you believe success means to you, you will never achieve it. So, consider this when you are working on your game plan.

  • Needs vs. Wants
    Understanding what are your essentials and what are just luxuries is your first task. Discovering what is necessary and what you actually want in your life will help you set realistic and attainable goals. Achieving those ‘wants’ pushes you past your comfort zone and motivates you to do more.
    Realistic goals have a timeline. They can be tracked and have milestones so you chart and measure your progress. Without these essential pieces of ‘equipment’ you are just kicking the ball the down the road without a purpose. It’s exercise but it’s not getting you anywhere.
  • WHY? WHAT?
    Do you know the things that bring you real satisfaction, fulfillment and peace? Do you have an overriding calling, urge, desire or passion? What excites you? What motivates you? What drives you? What is your purpose? Finding that itch you have to scratch, is essential in defining whether you are ultimately successful.
  • Always Be Learning.
    Adding to your knowledge base is critical. The more open to learning you are the more likely it you can define and refine you WHY. Being the best person, you can be is in an of itself success so keep adding to the skills and knowledge you already possess.
  • Find the Balance
    Finding balance and eliminating the things that detract from your goals is essential. Your goal is to find comfort and peace throughout your journey so that when you achieve success you will recognize it. If you are overwhelmed you may miss the signals. So, get rid of the noise and eliminate the distractions at every stage of the game.
  • Celebrate the Small Stuff
    Even small victories are a success. Every course, every lesson, every mistake is a step closer to your ultimate goal. Give yourself time to celebrate the little achievements along the way and recognize them as smaller helpings of a bigger reward.
  • Belief is Good. Doing is Better.
    Having self-confidence is important and you need to believe you can achieve the goals you set before yourself. But remember that true success is actually about doing what you planned. It’s work, not wishing. Taking the steps, learning the skills, and taking the risks are all better than watching from the sidelines.
  • Have a Gratitude Attitude.
    Being grateful for what you have around you every day is a measure of success. No mater how humble, showing gratitude for the present is important. Don’t look past today, without acknowledging the abundance you have, because you may not recognize it in the future if you can define today.
  • Get Over the Fear.

You have overcome the fear of failure to achieve any kind of success. Using a mistake as a learning platform is not only success, it is a WIN! You are charting a new course built on the foundations of what you have learned.

  • There is no END GAME.

There is not an artificial schedule or someone else’s timeline you have to adhere too. You make decide. You are in control.

Success is what you make it. And it never to late to get into the game.

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Carmen Gigar is the Chief Marketing Officer for ActionCOACH Global.