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Re-purposing Your Team

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Brad Sugar’s founder and CEO of ActionCOACH, entrepreneur and best-selling author hosts a video on Facebook recently discussing on how re-purpose personnel and shift jobs to maximize everyone in their organization. By r- positioning  personnel to turn cost centers into profit centers. Sugars makes it clear that change is the only constant and it must happen now. Sugars also identifies four areas of focus.

  1. Shift positions that can pivot them quickly do it now
  2. Choose revenue generators with big potential first
  3. What skills and training gaps do you need to upgrade to make personnel more effective
  4. Allocate percentage of the time on new job and old job to make them most effective

Survive and Thrive – Repurposing People in Your Company

COVID19 means you need to change … here’s something we are doing right now …#businessowner #smallbusinessowner #entrepreneur #surviveandthrive #covid19 #economiccrisis #30x

Posted by Bradley J Sugars on Thursday, March 19, 2020


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