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Reprint Press Articles and Your Vision

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Using press articles and printing a clear vision statement of your company, are great ways of increasing your conversion rate.

Reprint Press Articles:

If you’ve had anything printed about you (well, anything positive anyway), photocopy it and hand it to potential customers. This shows that other people know about you, and that you have a degree of ‘celebrity’. As weird as it may seem, people are attracted to this ‘star power’.

It also builds credibility, because it seems as though someone objective is saying something nice about you.

Here are some useful hints and tips for using press articles:

  • It gives instant credibility so use it as a sales tool.
  • Try and make color copies if possible.
  • Hang positive articles on your wall so all can see them.

Print Your Company’s Vision Statement:

Write out why you are in business, and your own personal standards. Include a summary of your ethics, and an outline of how you deal with customers. Then give it to every prospect – it will blow them away.

Even better, get a calligrapher to do it up in nice handwriting and print onto special paper.

Here are some useful hints and tips for using your company’s vision statement to your advantage:

  • Have it professionally written up.
  • Be proud of it – give it out freely.
  • Spend some time on the words so each one is a winner… it should be very positive and inspiring.

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