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Run Competitions and Carry Out Surveys

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Running competitions and having customer surveys are helpful in boosting your conversion rate.

Run Competitions:

Run a competition where the prize is something that will be super-attractive to your target market. You can arrange the prize at an excellent price, or perhaps even free, as the other company will be getting advertising out of it. Of course, you can offer the prize yourself .

For example, they could win the purchase free but the only way they can enter is if they buy TODAY.

Here are some useful hints and tips for running successful competitions:

  • Link entering the competition with a call to action.
  • Try to do a deal with another company so the prize is free.
  • Keep all the names and addresses – this forms a valuable database.


Ask your customers and the people who don’t become customers. Ask them why they made the decision they did. What made some buy, and what prevented the rest. The results will give incredible power – you’ll know what ‘turns your customers on’.

Here are some useful hints and tips for running successful customer surveys:

  • Keep it short and simple.
  • Offer some kind of incentive to answer the questions – maybe going into a prize draw, or a gift check/ card towards their next purchase.
  • After a week or so, send these people a thank you letter including a few testimonials and some of your specials. Who knows, you might get some of those who didn’t buy to give you another try!

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