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The greatest waste of sales person’s time is the deal lost and more specifically the deal they come second on.

Priority needs to be given to the business opportunities we can and would want to win. Chasing all deals is unproductive and may result in us overlooking the hot ones, by wasting time on the low value sales.

Our time, the most precious commodity of all, is as important as that of the boss of our largest customer – we have an absolute right to decide where we invest our time.

So is there a systemised way we can objectively qualify which opportunities we spend time on?

It all comes down to SCOTSMAN:

Solution – can we technically / physically meet the need?

Competition – does my competition have an unfair advantage against me?

Only Me
– what does the client perceive is unique about us?

– is it too near or far for us to be involved now?

Size – to small or to large to be viable for us?

Money – do they have sufficient real, spendable budget?

Authority – what is the decision making process?

Need – What are they looking to achieve?

Score each of the above 0 to 9; full score= 72=deal! Low score= do we have better scoring opportunities to work on? Through the process we’ll have certain areas where we are weaker than others; this is where we focus our energy to improve that score.

SCOTSMAN is a simple common language that can be understood across the organisation – now the technical folk for example, can quiz you on the qualification of a deal before they invest their time to help you.

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Brad Sugars founded the brand Action International in 1993 when he realized there was a disconnect between business advice and implementation. The answer was Action! Brad Sugars created a business coaching company so that business owners throughout the world can realize their goals in business. Today the company is known as ActionCOACH. To learn more about business, visit Brad Sugars Review blog!

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