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Store Appearance and In-Store Demonstrative Promotions

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A business owner can boost average dollar sale by having in-store video promotions that demonstrate the features and benefits of a product. A professional appearance also goes a long way in marketing one’s business.

In Store Video Promotions:

Play videos to demonstrate the features and benefits of a product that you have on sale. In no time you’ll have a group of potential prospects milling around your TV set. Once the group is assembled your sales team can then move in.

This is most effective with power tools and electrical equipment, but can be used to promote any product or service that needs a visual demonstration.

Here are some useful hints and tips on using in-store video promotions effectively:

  • Use professional production facilities; a shoddy video reflects badly on your business.
  • Use simple language and let the pictures tell the story.
  • Don’t make it too long as many people will come in half way through.
  • Even though it can be very educational; the idea is to keep selling the BENEFITS.

Store, Team & Vehicle Appearance:

A professional appearance is one of the most important considerations in marketing your business. This gives your customers the impression that you’re a quality organization that has pride in its service. All team members should be dressed in the same clothes featuring your corporate identity.

Your store and company vehicles need to be immaculately presented at all times.

Here are some useful hints and tips on maintaining a professional appearance at all times:

  • Coordinate colors and logos right throughout your enterprise, so you send out the same message all the time.
  • Choose the color(s) carefully; different colors have different meanings, and effects on people.
  • Continually impress on team members the importance of appearance.
  • Lead from the front; if your car and clothes are immaculate, it’s easier to tell others to do the same.

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