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Target Better Prospects and Give Away to Boost Your Conversions

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It is important for the business owner to target the right sort of people to his business. Also giving away can be a great long-term investment and can be used for converting prospects to customers.

Target Better Prospects:

If you’re having serious trouble with your conversion rate, you may want to go back and have another look at the way you attract prospects. Are you getting the right sort of people? If not, how else could you advertise? It’s important to remember that some prospects are more trouble than they are worth.

Here are some useful hints and tips on incresing your conversion rate by getting better prospects:

  • Class your prospects into A, B, C, and Ds and treat them accordingly.
  • If you aren’t getting enough As and Bs (these are the people who buy big and buy often) review your lead generation strategies.
  • Note that any customer isn’t necessarily a good customer.

Give Away To Get Back:

If you start the relationship unselfishly, offering advice and assistance, you’ll discover that you’ll be ultimately rewarded with a sale. Never think you’ve wasted your time helping someone. In the long run it will pay off handsomely.

Here are some useful hints and tips on increasing your conversion rate by giving away first:

  • Give advice freely without any connotation of obligation.
  • Think of it as a ‘long-term’ investment.

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