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There is a Formula for That…

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Look at any successful person and you will find some common denominators. When you break down the characteristics of successful people there are several commonalities. You define success for yourself and you shouldn’t focus on someone else’s definition of success to define you. But what you can adopt habits and characteristics to get you want to be. It isn’t a secret, and there is no special sauce. But there is a FORMULA.

Brad Sugars, CEO & Founder of ActionCOACH, the largest and most successful Business Coaching organization in the world highlighted this formula for success on a recent DriveTime Video on Facebook. This formula is at the center of several proprietary process and strategies that ActionCOACHes teach their clients every day.


The formula is simple Dreams x Goals x Learning x Plans x Action = Success (D x G x L x P x A=S)

Successful people start by having BIG, huge, audacious, some might call crazy dreams. These dreams are vast, unlimited and reflect the adventurous nature of most successful people. They don’t worry that others might think their dreams are unattainable, they forge ahead and work to fill out the rest of the formula.

Dreaming isn’t enough. You have to go one step further and make those dreams tangible. Right them down, share them or make them as tangible as possible. Create a vision board, make a collage of visual elements that you can refer to everyday and remind of where you want to go, have or be… Remember dreams are long term visions of your future. Think 10-20 years out. Start today, so you don’t lose any more time.

Now is the time to create some goals to achieve your dreams. Goals on fitness, lifestyle, wealth, relationship, business etc. These goals are shorter term, are measurable, realistic and help you chart your progress to achieve the dreams. Goals should have a shorter timeframe, maybe 5 years and change can be adjusted along the way. These specific goals are critical to forging your success.

Once you have set goals it’s time to learn. That’s right. You have to learn what you don’t know to achieve the dreams you have. If you want to have a certain level of wealth, you will have to learn more about for example about real estate investing, the stock market, debt reduction, and many be in even tax implications. You have to add to the knowledge you have to ensure you are able to reach the milestones you have within your goals. You have to learn or become a better you to actual realize those BIG dreams. Take time to learn. Take a class, read books, attend conferences and study so that you are armed with information and new skills you need to accomplish your goals.

Now that you have knowledge, start planning. This plan is the way you will achieve the goals you set. This means getting accountability. Get a mentor, a coach to help you stay on track and ensure that you stick to the plans you set. Strategies and tactics might change but your goal should remain constant. This is sometimes the hardest step because it means that you are identifying what you will have to do. That means once your plans are set, you will have to Act.

Action is the last step toward achieving success. You have to actual do something to reach the dreams you started with. You have move towards where you want to be. If you have done all the works, made you Dreams tangible, have set measurable goals, have spent time learning, and have create plans nothing will happen or change without your action.

This formula for success sounds easy and it is if you apply it. Break it down. Take it one step at a time. And realize you can work on several dreams, goals, plans at the same time. Don’t limit yourself.

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Carmen Gigar is the Chief Marketing Officer for ActionCOACH Global.